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Your Local Gym Cleaners

Your Local Gym Cleaners

Primo Clean are your local Gym Cleaners.

Primo Clean  provide Gym cleaning. Health club cleaning. and Leisure centre cleaning. This is done at great competitive rates. We understand that your health club has particular needs. Including projecting an image of cleanliness.

We recommend that you check out the following link for information on some local Sydney Gyms !

Go into a gym or health club and look around. People are using exercise equipment and machines, glistening with sweat. Moving from machine to machine. Look closer and see the sweaty spots left behind. Gym and health club cleaning should include having spray bottles. Or maybe sanitary wipes available during gym usage of machines.

For example, how many people use the sanitary wipes to clean the machine behind them? It’s beyond just being inconsiderate and gross, it’s dangerous. Those inconsiderate people could be leaving infectious bacteria behind. Consequently then they just move on. But don't worry! Primo Clean offers two basic maintenance packages. To meet your cleaning and maintenance needs. By the way, we are locally owned and operated. We can adapt these packages to accommodate your individual cleaning requirements.

Therefore, if you are a Gym Owner or Manager. Please get in touch with us by clicking on the following link .


Your Local Gym Cleaners

Check out a few of the Gyms we cleaned !

The Gym Factory , Energize Gym , Manly Beach Health Club , Moda Yoga

3 responses to “Your Local Gym Cleaners”

  1. Nathan says:

    Now it is getting busier for Summer, the Primo Team are cleaning all the sand out of the showers well !

  2. Tara Bells says:

    thank you for the Spring cleaning. The place looks fantastic ! Tara Bells

  3. Tara Fraser-Bell says:

    Our gym on the beaches is always looking fresh. As a regular member of the gym I always see the guys when they are working. Always courteous & friendly.

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