Office Cleaners
Office Cleaners
Our office cleaners take care of all your commercial cleaning needs. Whether it’s an office block, a commercial complex, or any other commercial building such as a bank or financial institution. Within our Sydney cleaning services, we offer a range of specifications that cater to the specific rooms and surfaces found in any commercial building. For example, we clean all staff offices, as well as common rooms such as hallways, boardrooms, meeting rooms, staff lounges, kitchens, bathrooms and dining areas. Using commercial cleaning services to keep these common areas clean limits the build up of dirt and spread of germs through their constant use by many people.


Office Cleaners Sydney

As part of our Sydney office cleaning services, we also clean all windows in your business premises up to two meters high. For windows that are higher than this or in hard to reach places, we offer specialized window cleaning services.

Office Cleaning

Not all commercial cleaning needs are the same. For this reason, we avoid the “one size fits all” approach in favor of a customized office cleaning service that fits in perfectly with your needs. Our commercial cleaning services suit businesses of any size. So whether you’re a small three-person office or a large, multi-building office park. Primo Clean Sydney office cleaners take the cleaning chore out of your hands.

Office Cleaners

With our office cleaning services, we supply all our own equipment, detergents and materials, so you don’t need to lift a finger to make sure your building is spotlessly clean.


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  1. Levi S says:

    Great work as always guys.

  2. Katherine says:

    Vastly superior to our previous cleaners…. Kat

  3. Vera Zarconian says:

    Very happy with the team of cleaners that Primo Clean uses. Vera 🙂

  4. Liu says:

    nice work guys

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