environmentally friendly
Environmentally Friendly

Primo Clean - Environment Policy

Primo Clean are committed to carrying out and delivering our services in a manner which limits the impact on the environment. In other words, Primo Clean are Environmentally Friendly. Primo Clean are committed to performing our work in an Environmentally Friendly manner. Our aim is to not impact on the environment. We also ask that you assist us in achieving our environmental goals. When we clean, we need to make sure we are environmentally friendly, so we make sure of the following. Another key point is minimum use of cleaning chemicals. Firstly, we choose chemicals that have less damaging effects on the environment. Secondly, we do not dispose of dirty or contaminated water into open drains. Thirdly, we tie our garbage bags tightly. On the positive side, rubbish does not blow around when being transported. We ensure that the environment we work in remains unaffected by our presence. We ensure that all chemicals, rags, and dirty water is disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.  

Environmentally Friendly

We encourage participation from all of our employees to maintain Environmental Policy and Procedures. We actively comply with legislation. We work with our clients and service providers to ensure best practice. We encourage recycling wherever possible. All employees are regularly trained in the procedures to obtain our environmental goals. Your club, café, restaurant or pub will shine. We clean factory offices, scrub floors, cleaning warehouses, factories, storage areas and more. Whatever you need, we can help you. We clean local supermarkets. Department stores. Shopping centers. Even small stores. Call for a quote. We work to any checklist. We can supply bathroom materials, including hand towels and soap. Toilet paper and anything else you might need to make your washroom sparkle. External, internal windows. Even office partitions. To be sure they will all glitter. We can discuss your needs. We will find the perfect solutions and complete the job on time. Primo cleaning service demands specific procedures. Our company can offer you the greatest cleaning services. We have the means, the tools and the experience.  

Green Cleaning

You may wonder why you should choose our company over our competitors. To demonstrate, the answer is simple. • We have the best equipment and eco-friendly detergents. • We listen to your needs and act accordingly. • We work thoroughly and know the secrets of the job. • We have long experience and expertise. It must be remembered, workers don't like filthy offices. Customers will not eat in a dirty restaurant. Workplaces are too important to be cleaned properly by one of your employees. By all means the offices must be dusted. Certainly the dust bins must be emptied. In particular, the floors swept and scrubbed, and the toilets thoroughly cleaned. Primo Clean Cleaning Service can take the burden off your shoulders. For one thing, we are well aware that clean environments are important, especially at workplaces. Primo Clean have made it our business to keep them healthy. There are hundreds of different tasks and we can complete all of them successfully. We consider healthy environments necessary and we do our best to achieve it. Do you doubt the importance of using the right commercial cleaning services ? If you are an expert in marketing, you want to focus on your job and not worry about whether the windows in your office are dirty. Consider the following. The maintenance of buildings is a hard job, but also a necessary one. Hundreds of people come and go in and out of the buildings on a daily basis bringing in dirt that needs to be cleaned. In conclusion, Primo Cleaners have the expertise, and the know how to complete the job within the time frame successfully. Contact Us Here

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environmentally friendly
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