Cafe Cleaners
Cafe Cleaners

Cafe Cleaners

As a Cafe or Restaurant owner, it must be realized that preparing a checklist helps keep everything organized and also helps in enhancing the efficiency. It also avoids redoing a particular task and conversely missing out on another. Primo Clean Cafe Cleaners offer below a sample checklist that can give you an idea of how we might customize a cleaning checklist for your site -
  1. Clean and clear the entrance from debris
  2. Dust any planters and fittings
  3. Wipe and clean the door, door knob and the glass surface
  4. Wipe and clean the windows, window ledges and glass panes
  5. Dust the blinds
  6. Air and dust the door mats
  7. Wipe and clean the tables and chairs
  8. Wipe and clean the counter tops, counter walls
  9. Vacuum clean the carpet to pick up any debris, crusts and crumbs
  10. Spot clean the carpet for any spills
  11. Dust the glass stand and keep the glasses in line
  12. Wipe and clean the cappuccino machine, coffee machine
  13. Dust and wipe the liquor cabinet
  14. Check linen drawer and restock
  15. Check the cereals and shelves, reorganize and restock
  16. Clean the outside of the milk machine and juicer, wipe the spills and drips
  17. Organize the server fridge
  18. Restock the window counter if any
  19. Wipe and clean any signs and banners
  20. Clean the lights, switches, fixtures and décor
  21. Mop and clean floor and entrance

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3 responses to “Cafe Cleaners”

  1. Mary says:

    We love Primo Clean and appreciate all their efforts. They respond to our requests always. Mary 🙂

  2. Katherine says:

    Best team we have had cleaning !

  3. John says:

    Good work from the cleaning crew. John T

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